Brisket and Brie Empanadas
Phyllo dough, herb infused goats feta, spinach, avocado creme - pink snap dragons
seared sea scallops - tangerine dijon sauce with infused parsley oil
giant shrimp.jpg
peruvian ceviche -  Roasted corn & roasted Japanese yams, micro cucumbers
Shrimp Cocktail with micro chives
Lobster and Scallop Crudo, sea beans, Thai chilis
Brisket and Brie Empanadas
Square molded Soft-shell crab with Jalapeño Chimichurri
Hard rind goat cheese Brûlée, fresh thyme- red Hawaiian salt
Shrimp scampi with wild oregano flowers
Square lobster cake with Chefs Nü sauce
Prosciutto wrapped scallop
Saffron crab cakes with celery leaves, Moutarde àl'Ancienne
Grilled apricot, arugula, Texas goat cheese, pine nuts roasted with smoked salt, purple basil shallot mignonnette
Seared scallops with cantaloupe & cucumber pico de gallo
Shrimp appetizer
Square Lobster cake with celery leaves and two sauces
Thai coconut soup with tea leaves, rose peddles and mussels
Seared Scallops with sea beans and tangerine butter
prosciutto wrapped scallop with lemon thyme butter
Yakitori Beef over cucumber salad
Goats cheese ravioli with pea puree and lobster meat
Fresh Maguru with tobiko
seared scallops Maroon carrot and green pea puree, shellfish sauce
Seared sea scallops Wild mushrooms, red wine sauce
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