I am so blessed that I get the opportunity to call David Daniel (Planet Chef) my good friend but also my favorite chef in Fort Worth. His work is wonderfully tasteful and majestically beautiful. Weather it’s working with David and his staff on an extravagant event for Jewel Charity or small quaint party in our home, it’s always spectacular. His attention to details (ex. shrimp cocktail made to look like they are perched in an aquarium) never go unnoticed. He has a way of making every event extra special. His love for food, people and life are apparent in his smile and culinary talents. Use him, your family and guest will rave!
— Michelle M - Fort Worth
David and his dream team of servers always make our parties worry free, delicious and an event within the event!

Having David as an active cooking chef through an event is delicious entertainment! And, when you guests happen to eat you out of house and home 45 minutes before the end time he can magically turned what was your freezer and refrigerator into the second menu!

When in doubt, Miracle Sauce , or whatever it’s called!

Perhaps what we’ve learned is to order more food than you think guests will eat, in the event of leftovers you will be delighted. And, at the end of the event your home will be spotless and dishes done.

Planet Chef is a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️event. Oh, and his lasagna to take for a weekend at the ranch, with extra sauce will be the hit of the weekend!
— Barbara J. - Fort Worth
Chef David is a phenomenal choice if you’re looking for a personalized experience for a dinner party or event. He is attentive and prompt and listens to every request and detail. We would use Chef David for any special day or event - his food is the best I’ve ever had and he is a wonderful host. He offers such personal service that it feels like he’s part of our family now. He made my wife’s surprise birthday dinner a truly perfect night. I highly recommend Chef David to make your next event memorable and one of a kind.
— Trey P. - Fort Worth
David is one of the most accommodating and creative chefs!
So much fun to work with and eager to step up to the challenge! His food is delightful and beautiful!
— Caroline T. - Houston & Hamilton Texas
Chef gave me and my wife a magical anniversary meal, creating a fabulous menu and delivering incredible plates prepared in our own kitchen. The gift for the intimate meal translated seamlessly with David to his creations and to his serving staff in a fifty person event he catered at our home. He knows his food and drink. He really enjoys sharing his talents. We always look forward to the next occasion with Chef Daniel.
— Eric L. - Fort Worth
All I can say is WOW!! David catered an amazing dinner for our daughters surprise wedding proposal. The food was exceptional! He planned ever detail, from wine selections, beautiful flowers placed perfectly on each plate. He will make you event of any size, a night to remember!
— Jan F. - Fort Worth
Dear David,
I wanted to recognize you for your superior food and service both for my wife’s birthday, as well as our anniversary. The food was delicious and the service of your staff terrific! It was a real treat to host our guests completely stress free thanks to you. All our guests raved about the food and service as well. Please feel free to use this recommendation as you deem appropriate. In addition I would be happy to discuss my experience with any of your potential clients.

I look forward to seeing you at our families next special occasion.

Sincerely, Jim W - Trophy Club
I own a bakery in Fort Worth and come across a lot of foodies, wanna be’s, and ALL sorts of chefs in this industry. Well lemme tell you—- Chef Daniel is the real deal!! Not only does he do over the top amazing parties/high end event catering- he also does prepared food for every day meals! He’s also just a super nice, friendly, entertaining guy that is open to whatever YOU want, which is hard to come across in this industry!!! No one else I would personally recommend!
— Leah C. - Fort Worth
David is as good is it gets and I now consider him part of the family for his vital role in the proposal I made to my girlfriend in April. David arrived on time and was constantly checking with me the week leading up the the big day to make sure he didnt need to bring anything extra and to make sure he was still good on the menu we discussed. He arrived and started prep and then the proposal happened outside and we came in to a surprise dinner for her. He was a constant professional on one hand, and just a good bro on the other (gave me a spare beer he had to calm my nerves!) When the food came out it was perfect, could not have dreamed it up any better. Chef was polished, poised and professional. I can not wait to use him again and you are a fool if you go elsewhere for these types of services!!!
— Colt B. - Arlington TX
David is easily one of the best chefs in North Texas, and his services are affordable and very easy to use. He has always been very professional with me and his food is always the best. Hes done everything from french, to spanish and its amazing everytime. Ive recommended him to friends and he has never dissapointed. I would be very comfortable using him for any size event, from 5 to 100 guest. Thanks for the great work David!!
— Josh B. - Fort Worth
We used Planet Chef for our New Year’s Eve and Anniversary party in our home. Planet Chef arrived a couple of hours before the party, finished preparing the meal service and set the tables. Appetizers (4 different ones) were wonderful ... ask about the smoked trout crudites. We had both soup and salad before the entree and the lobster bisque was terrific and the Caesar salad had a spicy Cajun dressing. The entree was perfectly cooked with a delicious red wine reduction. Chef David was very personable with our guests and they enjoyed chatting with him. The sous chef was friendly and helped keep things on-time in the kitchen. The two servers with Planet Chef were almost as good as the food. They anticipated our guest’s needs without being asked ... they were truly outstanding. Planet Chef helped us create an evening that we will long remember!
— - Harold & Martha H. Plano, Texas
My wife and I hired David to bring the high end restaurant experience to our house for our 9th anniversary. With a three year old and baby, it’s not always easy to go out and eat for an extended period of time. Home run! It was relaxing, like being in an open kitchen and the food was fantastic. My kids loved it too and David made a special plate for my daughter. Highly recommended.
— Brian D. - Keller TX
My family has been using David for a couple of months to cook for us. The experience has been great. David sends us a proposed menu 1-2 days in advance for us to comment on. He shops for the ingredients, then he cooks in our house one night and leaves us with meals for 3-5 days (packaged in individual meal containers and stacked neatly in our fridge). The food has been great! Additionally, he has saved us time that would otherwise have been spent trying to figure out what to eat / going out for dinner / cooking and cleaning dishes. He’s sensitive to foods we like / dislike. Thanks for everything.
— Brandon J.- Fort Worth
David has served some delicious luncheons for me. He always comes up with some elegant touches for the presentation such as pickled kumquats, edible flowers, etc to take it from good to great. You just tell him what you have in mind and he makes the meal a real treat! Also, David is sensitive to food allergies, vegans, and diet restrictions.

— Amy H. - Fort Worth


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40. Planet Chef

Run by local private chef David Daniel, Planet Chef offers personalized menus, and different people in your family can order his or her own separate meals. He can accommodate any diet, flavor preference or other request.

Cost: Depends on your personalized meal plan.

Delivery: Offered once a week, twice a week, or monthly.

Subscription: No subscription, but you can order meal plans repeatedly.

Contact: 817-454-6730