Gather your best friends and your worst foodies and compete in a Chef driven food fight!

  • Randomly sort into teams, secretly select a protein and choose from 40-60 other ingredients!

  • Source from a stash of items for all over the word - Asia, India, Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Latin America, Local and more!

  • Your team has 2 minutes to strategies on the ingredients

  • Talk over what you want me to create, then I get to work!

  • While I cook the ingredients, your team will handle plate design and garnish

  • The other teams will score what you made, fun part is as ingredients get used... can the last team win with less to ingredients choose from? YES they can! 

Their is no "I don't eat mushroom" in this kitchen!!

no "I don't like fish" or "Brussels sprouts"!  

everyone has to eat to win!